Monday, 9 December 2013

River course flooding update

Water levels have subsided over the weekend but the 3rd green is still being covered at high tide.  The river course is now open but a temporary green is in play on the 3rd.  The river wall has been breached in several places and it seems likely, given the extent of damage, that repairs will take some time.  We're hoping to get more information from the environment agency over the next few days.

Here are some photos taken today of a couple of the holes in the river wall.  They were taken a little before low tide and the water is flowing from the marshes out into the river Alde. 

Friday, 6 December 2013

River course flooding

Parts of the river course were flooded during the storm surge last night and as the river wall was breached in a couple of places, water levels were rising again this afternoon.  The river course is closed until the water levels drop.  There is likely to be some damage to the turf but the severity will depend on how long the areas remain flooded, the salinity of the water and how much silt and other debris has been deposited.

The 3rd green

The 7th tee and the pond, which is rather larger than usual!
Trevor starting the clear up

The 6th green and fairway, looking towards the 8th
The 6th green

The 4th green with the debris left at high tide

The 3rd green and fairway with Hazlewood marshes in the background
Looking towards the 6th from the 9th: at its height the water reached across the 8th fairway

A rather lethargic Adder was woken from hibernation by the flood

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Practice ground development

Work is in progress on extending the chipping green, creating some humps and hollows and building a new, deeper bunker.  On the river course the old practice bunker has been filled in and a new one is being built out of the firing line from the soon to be constructed tee.

The chipping green extension and new bunker,ready for topsoil

The river course practice bunker

Craig on the mini digger and Neil shaping the banks

Monday, 2 December 2013

Weather summary for November

35.2 mm of rain fell in November, well below the 50.5mm average for the month.  It was also a little colder than average at 7.2 degrees compared with the long term average of 8.1.  The highest temperature recorded was 14.4 degrees on the 6th and the lowest was -1 on the 20th.