Thursday, 29 October 2015

Overseeding greens

The second overseeding of the greens has been completed this week.  After overseeding the greens were rolled and top dressed.  The greens will settle back to normal in a few days.
As per the early September overseeding post:
'The fine fescue grasses we are introducing will help us develop a denser more fine leaved sward.  Modern grass cultivars bred for use in golf greens perform much better than the varieties that were used many years ago when our greens were constructed.  This is not a quick fix but a long term strategy for developing smoother truer and more robust putting greens'.

The overseeding machine on the 9th green

12th tee construction

Work is well under way on the construction of the new 12th tee.  The base has been raised, the irrigation pipes installed and we've started bringing in and levelling the topsoil.  The turf is due to be delivered in mid November and given reasonable growing weather in the spring the tee should be ready for play by early summer.

Levelling the subsoil base

Weather summary for September

There was a dry start, a wet middle and a dry end to the month, the total rainfall was 48.2mm with 33mm of this falling between the 13th and 18th of the month.  The 48.2mm total was a little over the 43.2mm average for September.  The temperature was 1° below average for the month at 14°.  The highest temperature recorded was 20.9° on the 12th and the lowest was 6.7° on the 26th.