Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Ragwort control

The annual ragwort pull is underway, we aim to remove it before the seed is set.  After many years of sustained effort there is far less ragwort on the course but it still takes a few days to remove most of it.

Danny and Shane pulling ragwort on the river course

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Drone photos

Craig has  been using his drone to take some great aerial photos and video of the course.  Here are a few examples and a link  https://youtu.be/JthA-Oy7KUE   to a short video.

4th Green

12th Green

17th Green

Craig and drone (Craig is the one on the right!)

Friday, 3 July 2015

Adder rescue

We found an adder on the river course this morning, tangled in some nylon netting.  Extricating it was quite a challenge as the adder was uncooperative but it was soon on its way. 

The adder - in a bit of bother
Removing the netting
Back in business

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Weather summary for June

 June was a dry month but with temperatures very close to average.  The total rainfall was only 16.2mm and 8.2mm of that fell in one day (actually about 10 minutes!) on the 5th.  There are only three drier Junes in our records, the driest of which was 1996 with 6.8mm. Our long term average for June rainfall is 44.5mm.  The average temperature was 15.1° which is close to normal, and the high and low temperatures were also very close to the long term average.  The highest temperature recorded was 25.2° on the 17th and the lowest 6.8° on the 1st.

Although there have been forecasts of very high temperatures in the south east of England we rarely see these extremes here on the coast.  Since we first got a weather station in 2000 we've never recorded a temperature over 30°.  We've got close, with highest being 29.8° in July 2006, the highest June temperature we've had is 27.3°

Just as the temperatures have picked up enough for strong grass growth we're into a drought, so the irrigation system is running at full capacity.   The system runs from 10pm through to around 7am at full tilt but hand watering is still essential to reach areas not covered by the automatic system and to top up high and dry spots

Andrew Scott hand watering high spots in the green surrounds
Pop up sprinklers in action on the 10th green