Sunday, 28 February 2016

4th tee

The 4th tee is close to completion after the turf was laid on Tuesday.  There is some work to do on a section of the rear bank of the tee where we intend to lay rough turf cut from elsewhere on the course.  This turf will blend in better with the existing bank.  How quickly the new tee is brought into play depends on the weather but it's unlikely to before the end of May.  Whilst we were laying the turf we were entertained by the singing of a woodlark - the first of the year.

650m2 of turf arrives

Laying the turf

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Weather summary for January

The very mild winter continued with a mean temperature in January of 6.3° which is 1.5° higher than average.  The highest temperature was 12.7° on the 31st and the lowest  -3.1° on the 21st.  Rainfall was also higher than average with a total of 59.8mm and there were only four days without rain.  The warm weather saw significant grass growth (for January) and we've been doing a lot more grass cutting than is normal at this time of year.  Of course it's beginning to look like there's no normal when it comes to weather nowadays!