Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Overseeding greens

We've just finished overseeding the greens with our new machine, which places the seed in shallow slits at the optimum depth for good germination.  The fine fescue grasses we are introducing will help us develop a denser more fine leaved sward.  Modern grass cultivars bred for use in golf greens perform much better than the varieties that were used many years ago when our greens were constructed.  This is not a quick fix but a long term strategy for developing smoother truer and more robust putting greens. 

The overseeding was followed by rolling to help restore surface levels and then top dressing.

The overseeder in action

Weather summary for August

Temperatures were close to normal with an average of 17.4° for the month, 0.1 degree cooler than July.  The highest temperature recorded was 25.1° on the 3rd and the lowest was 9.8° on the 17th.  Rainfall was higher than average with a total of 54.2mm, of this 13.8mm fell on the 18th.

One of our bunkers after heavy rain.  Getting all 100 bunkers back to normal afterwards is quite a task.