Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Course update

There's lots going on at the moment - not all of it good!

Work has been completed today on the construction of the 12th tee, as usual when a lorry load of turf turns up it starts to rain but we got the job done before the rain got very heavy.  The overseeding of the greens we did last month has been a great success with a really high germination rate, especially given that it was quite late in the season for this work.  Of course seasons aren't what they used to be and the first half of November has been incredibly mild with temperatures around 4° higher than average for the month.  The average is likely to drop later in the month but it looks likely that a few more weather records will fall.  We've already had the warmest November overnight temperature.
The first week of the month saw wet, humid and very warm weather with hardly any wind and this led to the first serious attack of fusarium patch disease on the greens for 17 years.  Many greenkeepers are reporting the worst disease outbreaks they've ever seen so we're not alone in facing this issue.  Once the weather conditions changed a little (drying winds and slightly cooler temperatures) the disease became less active and our naturally disease resistant turf is recovering.

Turfing the 12th tee

Germinating fescue seed
One of the worst patches of disease