Thursday, 25 June 2015

Wild Flower Walk

Last week we had a wild flower walk led by Susan Stone of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.  The dry acid grassland at Aldeburgh Golf Club supports a large number of wild flowers, many of them tiny and quite difficult to spot.  Susan has a sharp eye for these plants and often we would discover many species within a few metres.  We were given an insight into the adaptations that enable these plants to survive in the harsh heathland environment.

It's worth noting that the management work we do to create the whispy rough that provides a golfing challenge without large numbers of lost balls, also promotes the establishment of many wild flower species.

Many thanks to Susan for a very enjoyable and informative afternoon.

English Stonecrop
Bladder Campion

Friday, 12 June 2015

River course update

The reconstructed 3rd hole on the river course was opened for play today, a year and a half after the first tidal surge.  We've suffered a few setbacks during the construction process, not least the second tidal surge the night after we finished turfing!  Many of the pines in the block right of the fairway have been completely killed by the salt water but others, including the one next to the fairway are showing signs of recovery.

The first golfers to play the new 3rd green

A reminder of what it looked like in December 2013

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Weather summary for May

A very average May about sums it up.  The average temperature was 11.9° which is bang on the long term average for May, with a maximum of  23.1° on the 11th and a minimum of 2.6° on the 2nd.  The highest temperature for May was lower than the 23.9° we recorded on the 15th of April!  Rainfall was also very close to average with 44.6mm.  Grass growth is still slow but it's picking up.