Friday, 19 December 2014

River course construction work update

Construction work on the new 3rd green and 4th tee on the river course is now finished.  The turf on the green and tee is now well established and the recently laid fairway turf is beginning to root and will be able to withstand further flooding within the next couple of weeks.  Once all of the turf is well rooted we can be confident that in the event of future tidal surge flooding the area will drain quickly and the salt resistant fescue turf will recover.  All of the costs associated with this project have been covered by our insurance.

The timing of the opening of the new areas for play is very dependent on the weather over the winter and spring but it's unlikely to be before the end of May.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

River course work

We've been getting on with a few tasks on the river course this week.  The last of the scots pines between the 3rd and 4th holes that were killed by salt water flooding have been felled.  Work is in progress on slightly raising, extending and strengthening the bund on our boundary left of the 6th green.  It should now protect this area from all but the very highest surge tides.  Work has also started on building a couple of low mounds between the 8th and 9th holes.  The main purpose of these is to encourage players on the 8th to aim slightly left so that fewer balls are hit towards the 9th carry.

Danny felling the last couple of pines

Working on the bund left of the 6th

Starting work on the mounds

Arthur and Shane laying turf on one of the mounds right of the 8th

Mishap on the marsh

The large digger that has been working on Hazelwood marsh in recent weeks fell into a dyke yesterday and it's still there today.  No one was hurt but it looks like recovering it will be a difficult job and repairing it will be an expensive one.

And then the tide came in

Thursday, 4 December 2014

River course construction work

The turfing of the new 3rd fairway and approach was completed today.  We've been here before but hopefully this time it will have time to get established before the next storm surge!  Once the roots have got a grip the fescue turf we've put down should survive occasional saltwater flooding.  The areas further from the playing line that have not been turfed have been seeded.

Shane laying turf this afternoon

Tree planting

We've planted some pines right of the 3rd hole on the river course to replace those lost to the storm surge.  The new trees have been planted on higher ground above the level of the storm surge.  Some more pines were planted left of the 14th hole on the main course to screen golf lane and some of the buildings beyond.  Behind the 13th green hawthorn hedging has been planted close to the boundary to screen Leiston road.  Some of the gorse transplanted to this area last winter is already well established.

Shane and Danny planting pines

Monday, 1 December 2014

Weather summary for November

 After a warmer than average October the temperature in November was close to record breaking with an average of 10.2°.  The warmest November on our records was 2011 with 10.7°.  The lowest temperature was 1.8° on the 24th and the highest 17.6° on the 1st.  The wet theme to this autumn continued with the wettest November we've recorded.  We had 107mm of rain; more than double the 50mm average for the month, 25mm of the total fell in one day on the 5th.