Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Weather summary for January

The month was very wet and temperatures were well above average.  We had 81.2mm of rain; nearly double the 45.1mm average and it was the wettest January since 1995 when we had 81.6.  The wettest January since our records began in 1979 was 1988 with 134mm which must have been pretty grim.  The average temperature was 6.5 degrees which is warmer than usual and much warmer than 2013 when the average was 2.6 degrees.  The highest temperature recorded was 11.4 degrees on the 6th with a low of -2.6 on the 21st.

                                   The mild weather brought the rare sight of a fairway mower at work in February.                              Note the river in the background - muchcloser than it should be 

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