Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Storm damage

In the high winds today, yet another tree was blown down on the course, this one in the copse right of the 9th hole.  More trees have been uprooted or broken by storms this winter than the total number during my previous 16 years at the club.  Although we've had very high winds this winter, I don't think this fully accounts for the level of tree loss sustained.  The very cold spring and cold and dry early summer of 2013 put the turf under a lot of stress and it's likely that trees suffered too.  Many trees weakened by last year's record breaking weather have been unable to withstand the storms.

On a more positive note, the timing of our purchase of a chipper could not have been better.  It's been very busy over the last few weeks and has saved many hours during the clear up work. 

The pine tree, uprooted right of the 9th hole

The new chipper in action

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