Tuesday, 16 September 2014

River course construction work

We're making good progress with the construction of the new 3rd green and approach and the 4th tee.  All of the subsoil levelling has been done and the topsoil (17 x 29 tonnes) has been spread on the fairway and green surround.  The irrigation pipes and valve boxes have been installed and the drainage pipes and non return valves are in place, to allow any future flood water to drain from the site.  This week we're spreading the root-zone soil on the green and tee, laying the erosion control matting on the river face of the bund and hydro-seeding the banks.  Hydro-seeding is the application of seed (salt resistant grass species in this case) in a mixture of water, mulch, fertiliser and binder.  It is sprayed on and helps the seed to stick to the slope rather than being washed away by the first rain shower.

Spreading topsoil on the fairway

Spreading rootzone mix on the green

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