Sunday, 2 March 2014

Weather summary for February

February was much warmer and wetter than average. The average temperature was 7 degrees, the highest we've recorded since the weather station was installed in 2000. Quite a contrast with last year when the average temperature for February was 3.2. The highest temperature recorded was 12.2 degrees on the 24th and the lowest was 1.5 on the 11th. We had 61.2mm of rain (the average for February is 36.1mm) bringing the year total to 143mm, nearly 40% of the 363mm total for the whole of last year.
The mild weather has brought a little grass growth so we have much better definition of fairways than normal for the time of year.

The Met office have produced a very interesting report on the potential causes of the recent storms. Click this  link to read the pdf.

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